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Site Development & Erosion Control


Site Development & Erosion Control


Since 1979 Meehan Inc. has been a leader in site development and construction...

Companies rely on Meehan, Inc.’s experience, workforce and resources for complex site development, clearing, excavation, erosion control, grading, drainage systems installation and environmental work.  

We excel in challenging work environments and demanding schedules; particularly those involving bodies of water, difficult access, or requiring environmental sensitivity. Our construction resources and innovation provide us the ability to give you a competitive advantage with groundbreaking solutions. 

Meehan Inc. prides itself on having a solid foundation of values and principles that distinguishes itself as a company of reliable professionals with high standards for excellence, efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Licensed General Contractors North and South Carolina.


Cashiers, North Carolina




By utilizing the latest in modern technology, equipment and the proper sustainable procedures and techniques, we ensure that all specifications are met and we provide you with a long lasting, cost-effective, and trouble-free project. We have experience installing HDPE, geosynthetics, wetland mats, bridges, retained soil systems, combination grid and containment solutions.

                  Aggregate installation
                  Substation resurfacing
                  Oil containment systems
                  Sediment ponds
                  Dyke building
                  Culvert installation
                  Wetland restoration
           and stabilization
                  Storm water management
                  Ash basins

Heavy Construction

Heavy Construction

The backbone of Meehan Inc. has always been its site preparation and earthwork operations. We have a unique ability to estimate, value engineer and meticulously manage a project.  We believe that a good start is an essential element of successful projects. While the basic components of site preparation, clearing, erosion control, grading and utility system installation often remain the same from project to project, we understand that each site is uniquely different and presents its own set of challenges. Meehan Inc. has developed a unique approach to earthwork. Haul routes and cycle times define the plan, but timely execution is a function of machine power. 

                 Construction layout

                  Mass fill and cut operations

                  Soil and digital contour mapping

                  Mass rock excavation

                  Substation pads

                 Ground grids and ground connections

                  Road building and access


                  Equipment pads and support structures

                  Catch basin and storm drainage systems

                  GPS stake-less grading


Erosion Control

Erosion Control


Erosion Control is your first line of defense in the fight to stop sedimentation, one of the largest costs and environmental impacts from land disturbance. 

We work to protect systems and minimize any adverse environmental impacts, ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, perform our work as safely and economically as possible, and maintain a positive relationship with land owners and the public. 

Meehan Inc. is a leader in the clearance of right of ways for electric utilities, power transmission companies, gas transmission and pipeline companies. Through mechanized vegetation clearance, herbicide application or combined strategies, we are experienced in providing the best solutions for our clients. Debris that results from our clearing activities may be left to naturally decompose and return nutrients to the soil and reduce the possibility of soil erosion.                 

                     Drainage and right-of-way clearing,
                     maintenance and growth control
                     Construction, maintenance and rebuild of
                     transmission lines, substations
                     Storm response and restoration services
                     Licensed pesticide and applicators
                     for vegetation management
                     Conventional tack seeding, mulching
                    and silt fence
                     Forestry mulching with carbide
                     tipped mulching heads
                                     Experienced in rapid mobilization and repair
                     Temporary and permanent blankets and matting  
                     Temporary bridges